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We exist to make investment easier.

There are lots of ways we can invest our hard earned savings, buts it’s not clear which investments will best help us to meet our financial goals. Often people have savings accounts and property but there are many other ways to invest, including: peer to peer lending and managed funds. Or similarly, what is better: renting vs buying property? Don’t miss out on the best opportunities merely since they are too hard to analyse. The investments need to match our circumstances.

With investment calculator you can automatically analyse a wide range of investment decisions and compare them side by side quantitatively. No longer do you need to build complex manual intensive spreadsheets. Our software creates in seconds, a set of concise metrics and model (table that forecasts monthly values over the life of the investment) to help you see the difference between each investment option. For example, which of the following is likely to give the best return after 5 years:

And then how do we minimise tax?

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What is investing?

There are many ways people talk about investing, our view is the following:

What are the questions you need to ask?

The questions need to link back to our current and desired lifestyle and goals. Then we need to go about trying to answer them from our own research and calculations e.g.:

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